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Our Commitment to Achieving Net Zero

Written by Laura Highton
Our Commitment to Achieving Net Zero

Poynton Bradbury Architects is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030, or sooner. Building on the foundation of our ISO 14001 accreditation and sustainability strategy, we have recently conducted a comprehensive assessment to measure our carbon footprint. 

This analysis has enabled us to develop a robust Carbon Reduction Plan, which outlines both short and long-term goals aimed at significantly reducing our carbon consumption and emissions across all facets of our practice operations and management.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan includes targeted initiatives focused on reducing energy consumption, limiting emissions from commuting, and minimising business travel within our daily operations. 

By setting clear and actionable goals, we aim to foster a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility. The plan will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it continues to align with our ambitions and evolving strategies in this critical area of our business. 

The full details of our plan are outlined below, showcasing our dedication to leading the way in sustainable architectural practice.

Meet the Author

Laura Highton
BSc(Hons)  MArch  ARB  RIBA-SCA Laura joined Poynton Bradbury Architects in... Read More

BSc(Hons)  MArch  ARB  RIBA-SCA

Laura joined Poynton Bradbury Architects in 2023 and brings a wealth of experience to the practice. Her passion for architecture is focussed on creating sustainable, adaptable, and vibrant spaces thar respond to their surroundings and context. She has skills in contemporary design and has developed an architectural sensitivity in her approach to working in historic settings.

Registered as a RIBA Specialist Conservation Architect, Laura’s expertise lies in the adaptive re-use of existing buildings, and she is particularly skilled at bringing new life and contemporary design into historic buildings and settings. She has a comprehensive knowledge of conservation practice and extensive experience of applying this within historic buildings.

Laura’s portfolio is varied and includes large scale community and public buildings such as museums, visitor centres and libraries up to the value of £25m. Alongside this she has worked on intricate and smaller scale developments including bespoke new-build residential projects and one-off house renovations.

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