New County Hall

  • Client Cornwall Council
  • Location Truro, Cornwall
  • Year 2013-Present

Poynton Bradbury have worked on several projects at New County Hall since preparing a Conservation Plan in 2004. This significant building, completed in 1966 and Listed Grade II in 1998, is a fine example of a County Hall building in a Brutalist style. The building has a courtyard form floating over open countryside and forms a complete composition incorporating man made and natural landscape which draws inspiration from Le Corbusier's Monastery at La Tourette.

In 2010 we undertook a range of improvement works to improve the building's accessibility and transparency. The poor quality entrance on the north side was replaced with a range of meeting rooms and the principal entrance on the east elevation was restored to its original significance. Inclusive access was provided by a bold reworking of an existing lift arrangement to link the reception area to the rest of the building. A new café area was added overlooking this area to restore life and vitality to the space.

Following the abolition of Cornwall County Council in 2009 the building became the headquarters of the new unitary authority, Cornwall Council and a new phase of works in 2013 saw the complete internal refurbishment of the building. These works transformed the working environment to support modern working methods whilst conserving and enhancing the buildings historic values.

A continuous programme of projects have helped Cornwall Council maintain the building’s importance whilst ensuring its sustainable future. Projects continue to be developed as we assist the client with post-covid work place changes and climate emergency challenges.

This refurbishment has transformed the way Cornwall Council are able to work in the building, and ensured a sustainable future for this iconic '60s brutalist building.

Project Director
New County Hall