Threemilestone Community Projects

  • Location Threemilestone, Cornwall
  • Client Arcadis / Cornwall Council
  • Year 2020-Present

In 2019 the cabinet of Cornwall Council resolved to work with local stakeholders and residents within the village of Threemilestone to explore a programme of projects aimed at ensuring that local facilities and services do not come under pressure as a result of local development.

Poynton Bradbury Architects were appointed to undertake public and stakeholder engagement and provide ideas for a range of projects across the village. The project identified and designed a series of village centre public realm upgrades, including a new cycle and pedestrian access route linking the planned Langarth Garden Village into Threemilestone village centre.

It is proposed to remove the central roundabout in the village in favour of a more pedestrian friendly landscape and enhance the vehicular and pedestrian access to local businesses and health services. Additional tree planting schemes and soft landscaping have also been proposed, as well as the provision of new sports pitches and changing rooms that will enable Threemilestone Football Club to play locally.

An expansion of the local primary school hall was also designed, as well as a project recently completed in 2022 to extend and improve the local community centre.

Illustrative Masterplan / Overview
Threemilestone Public Realm
Threemilestone Community Centre
New Sports Pitches and Changing Rooms
Village Centre Public Realm Improvements
Proposed A390 Crossing to Langarth

"I am delighted by the completion of the new extension to the community centre. Achieving this during a global pandemic was extremely difficult and I would like to pay tribute to the many people and organisations who worked together to make it happen".

- Mike Ashcroft, chair of the Threemilestone Community Centre
Threemilestone Community Projects