Higher Newham Farm and Village

  • Location Truro, Cornwall
  • Client LXB Living Villages
  • Year 2016

Poynton Bradbury were invited by LXB to produce a masterplan for the 52 acre site to the South of Truro to include 155 homes, a community farm, a restaurant and cook school, community hub. A further 70 acres of land would be reserved for the farm, allotments, orchards and horticultural uses. Poynton Bradbury’s brief was to create a coherent sense of place for the new village, improve legibility and way finding throughout the site and create a distinct village centre suited to all future proposed community activities. Poynton Bradbury also worked closely with Duchy College to develop a detailed layout for the community farm to improve operations and better integrate the education facilities providing land based accredited agricultural courses with livestock grazing and horticultural uses.

The design of a new community with people rather than cars in mind and provisions of enhancing the biodiversity and environmental aspects at every opportunity, allowing people to be involved with their immediate landscape with the existing trees, hedgerows and hedge banks, and introduction of new woodlands, orchards and surface water basins. Growing the intended area for community and educational usage comprising orchards, woodlands and allotments. Village housing comprising up to 155 dwellings and associated parking, internal roads, landscaping and a recycling centre. A new community hub comprising of renovated farm buildings and new build premises consisting of Restaurant, ancillary spaces and produce sales, a culinary school, Small scale shops, Workshops / Studio / Gallery Office, Holiday Let and Course Accommodation, Information Centre.

Poynton Bradbury Architects worked in collaboration with Landscape Designers for the green field site, mitigating any potential landscape impacts to the adjacent AONB.

Providing the client with a distinct overall design approach for all aspects of the village, helping to create a sense of place and ‘Cornishness’ within the site. Poynton Bradbury also ensured proposals could be successfully phased to enable the delivery of the full project.

Using our range of 3D tools has been vial in helping make ‘real’ the earliest design sketches at concept stage. We have worked closely with specialist consultants and advised on the matters of risk to inform the economic viability of the scheme to match each design iteration.

Higher Newham Farm and Village