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B Corp Architects: A guide to the advantages of being a B Corporation

Written by Chris Turner
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Companies are increasingly embracing social and environmental responsibility as integral components of their business mission, but what are the advantages of b corporation?

For architectural practices, joining the ethical B Corporation movement offers numerous advantages that go beyond traditional business success, driving them towards a more sustainable, ethical, and impactful future; but achieving B Corp certification is not for the faint hearted.

The certification process takes months because it measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact by looking at how its business model affects its workers, the environment, its customers, the company’s governance, and the community; but despite the additional strain on a given company’s workload, more and more companies are opting to join the B Corp movement. This leaves one unanswered question, what are the advantages of becoming Bcorp architects?

Balancing profit with purpose

Poynton Bradbury was established in 1973 as part of the community architecture movement. The importance of social value and environmentally responsive design is ingrained in the way our business operates and becoming Bcorp architects aligned with our company mission and ethos. In short, by integrating social and environmental considerations into our design processes, B Corp architects contribute to the creation of healthier, more sustainable built environments.

Tree planting
Poynton Bradbury Architects annual tree planting day with Community Interest Company Plant One Cornwall

Measurable Impact

B Corp certification requires companies to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Through the B Impact Assessment, architectural practices can measure their impact across various metrics, including governance, workers' rights, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. This data-driven approach enables companies to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and benchmark their performance against industry peers.

Poynton Bradbury Architects have always been a champion for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Image: Exmouth Watersports
Poynton Bradbury Architects have always been a champion for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Image: Exmouth Watersports

Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly environmentally and socially conscious world, B Corp certification serves as a powerful differentiator for architectural practices. One of the biggest advantages of b corporation is architects can attract like-minded clients, who value ethical practices and meaningful impact, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

Employee Engagement and Retention

Becoming Bcorp architects can enhance employee morale, engagement, and retention. Architects are drawn to firms that share their values and offer opportunities to contribute to meaningful projects. By fostering a culture of purpose-driven work, B Corp-certified practices attract and retain top talent, driving innovation and creativity within the firm.

Poynton Bradbury Architects playing beach volleyball
Health and wellbeing of employees is a central pillar of the practice ethos and culture.

Access to Networks and Resources

B Corp certification connects architectural firms to a global community of purpose-driven businesses, organsations, and resources. Through B Lab's network, architects gain access to collaborative opportunities, best practices, and knowledge-sharing platforms that empower them to amplify their impact and drive positive change on a larger scale.

Risk Mitigation and Resilience

By integrating social and environmental considerations into their operations, architectural practices can mitigate risks associated with regulatory changes, market shifts, and environmental challenges. Becoming Bcorp architects provides a framework for implementing sustainable practices, enhancing resilience, and future-proofing the firm against emerging risks and uncertainties.

Threemilestone Community Centre
Poynton Bradbury Architects originated from the Community Architecture movement of the 1970s, and we continue these values today through community projects such as the Threemilestone Community Centre.

B Corporation offers architectural practices a pathway to building a better future — one that prioritises purpose, sustainability, and positive impact. By embracing the principles of B Corp certification, architects can leverage their skills and expertise to create meaningful change in the built environment, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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BA(Hons)  MArch  PgDip  ARB  RIBA

Chris joined Poynton Bradbury Architects in 2018 after working in London where he led the delivery of major mixed-use regeneration schemes in both the UK and abroad with project values of over £120m. Becoming a Director of the practice in 2021 Chris is now applying his passion for environmentally and socially responsible architecture and urban design to help shape the ethos and vision of the practice.

He has wide experience of public consultation processes and has repeatedly represented the practice during the engagement of complex and varied stakeholder groups, local authorities and review panels. Chris is responsible for several sectors including schools, urban regeneration, placemaking, later living and care.

Working with a wide range of private sector and local authority clients Chris is adept at taking their projects through complex planning processes and supporting them to create truly transformative places.

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